Nationalities: Bulgarian

Height:​ 173cm

Playing Age:​ 25–35

Appearance: athletic

Eye Colour​ : brown

Hair Colour​: brown

Hair Length​: shoulders length

Voice​: alt

Voice​ Character: Warm

Location: Berlin, Sofia

(further accommodation possibilities in London, Munich, Budapest, Amsterdam, NY)

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2019 Petya of my Petya 

Directed by Alexander Kossev | Petya Dubarova | Feature film

2018 Before the Sunset

Directed by Deyan Tsvyatkov |  The woman | Short

2018 Eva

Directed by Tsveti Pochekanska | Jenny  | Short

2017 Leave to Remain

Directed by Kateryna Zabulonska | Maria Shevchenko | Short

2017 Adel

Directed by Victoria Gulubova | Adel | Short

2017 Sex Academy Men

Directed by George Kostov | Petya

2015 Survivor

Directed by James McTeigue | Simone

2014 Hearts know why/The runaway bride

Directed by Kris Kristinsson / Bulgarian Bride

2010 Goodbye, mama

Directed by Michelle Bonev | Mariana



2016 Stolen Life

Directed by Pavel Vesnakov | Rally

2014 Vangelia

Directed by Sergei Borchukov | Sick girl



2017  Please, switch off your mobile phones, Theatre Laboratory Sfumato, Sofia

Directed by Nikola Stoyanov | Various characters

2017 The Tempest, radio play, Bulgarian national radio

Directed by Teya Sugareva, Virginia

2016  The man who wanted (based on Chekhov novels), Little City Theatre "Off The Channel", Sofia

Directed by Margarita Mladenova | Maria Vasilevna

2016 Tom Sawyer, Little City Theatre "Off The Channel", Sofia

Directed by Petrinel Gochev Tom Sawyer

2016 Bel Ami, Little City Theatre "Off The Channel", Sofia

Directed by Bina Haralampieva Susan

2016 Pieces, Dance performance, Atom Theater

Directed by Stefaniya Georgieva

2012-2016 HaHaHa Impro Theatre

2015 12th Night, Little City Theatre "Off The Channel", Sofia

Directed by Teya Sugareva Olivia

2015 39 Steps, Little City Theatre "Off The Channel", Sofia

Directed by Andrey Avramov,  Anabella Schmidt, Margaret & Pamela Edwards

2015 Geo, National Theater Ivan Vazov, Sofia

Directed by Ivan Dobchev, Mila Geo Mileva

2015 The Love of Anatol, Theater Laboratory Sfumato, Sofia

Directed by Anton Ugrinov, Gabrielle

2014 TERMINAL 2, Theater Laboratory Sfumato, Sofia

Directed by Margarita Mladenova, The woman,

2014 The American President, radio play, Bulgarian National Radio

Directed by Kris Sharkov, Pandora

2013 Istanbul Story, Drama Theater  Plovdiv,

Directed by  Plamen Panev, The Angel

2013 Madame de Sade, Theater Laboratory Sfumato, Sofia

DIrected by Stayko Murdjev, Madame de Saint-Fond

2013  The Lizard, Satire Theater, Sofia

Directed by Plamen Markov, The Lizard

2011 I am an actress, Theater Laboratory Sfumato, Sofia

Directed by Ivan Dobchev & Margarita Mladenova, Lora Karavelova

2011 The round, Theater Laboratory Sfumato, Sofia

Directed by Anton Ugrinov, The Young Lady,



Host, Improvisation Theatre, Poetry reading, Voice over/ Radio Theater, Yoga (Ashtanga), Rhythm performances, Salsa (highly-skilled), Swing (basic), Ballet (basic), Ballroom (good), Contemporary (good), HipHop (good), Piano (basic), Cycling, Rollerblading, Ice skating, Swimming, Longboard (basic), Skiing (basic),



Driving licence



2008-2013 National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Acting, BA Sofia,

2017 International Screen Acting Course, Ludwigsburg, Germany

2016 International School for Screen Acting, London, UK (Short course)

2016 AMAW intensive courses with Cynthia Levin, Sofia

2016 Meisner Technique workshop with Tom Radcliff, London

2016 Derrida Dance Port, modern dance workshop, Sofia



Bulgarian (mother tongue), English (Fluent), French (good), Spanish (basic), German


Accents - Eastern-European (native accent in English), US (English) & French (in English);

Bulgarian (native accent in German)


T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM