Nationality​ : German

Height:​ 5'7'' (170cm)

Playing Age:​ 27-­37 years

Appearance:​ European

Eye Colour​ : Light Brown

Hair Colour​: Brown

Hair Length​: very short

Voice​: Mid Range ​

Voice​ Character: German | English | Italian I French

Location:​ Berlin | Los Angeles | New York I London

OTHERS : SAG Eligible

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2018 Mind Palace

short / directed by: Dominik Stockhausen, Carl Krause | leading actor

2018 Up Up

web-series / directed by: Carlos Vin Lopes | leading actor

2018 Fame

short / directed by: Lene Pottgießer | supporting actor 

2017 Temenos (Teaser)

cinema / directed by: Florian Reimann | supporting actor

2017 Fame

short / directed by: Lene Pottgießer | supporting actor

2017 Kai

short/ directed by: Waldemar Oldenburger | leading actor

2017 Lissy

short / directed by: Waldemar Oldenburger | leading actor

2017 Schugada a bayerische Mafiakomödie

cinema / directed by: Benedikt Klaus | leading actor

2016 Im Nesseltal

cinema / directed by: Philipp J. Pamer | leading actor

2016 Night Out

short / directed by: Natalia Mamaj | leading actor

2016 Das eigene Scheitern

short / directed by: Simon Denda | leading actor

2015 Der Grund

short / directed by: Greta Sammalniemi | leading actor

2015 Len

short / directed by: Waldemar Oldenburger | supporting actor

2014 Sweet Water of Memory

short / directed by: Carlos vin Lopes | leading actor

2014 Der Prothesengott

short / directed by: Johannes Bültermann | leading actor

2013 Klassentreffen

short / directed by: Sebastian Stojetz | leading actor

2013 Your life is over

short / directed by: Michael Graeter | supporting actor

2013 Altitude

short / directed by: Paul Prenissl | leading actor

2013 Klassentreffen

short / directed by: Anton Pampushnyy | Alina

2012 Tarzan 3 D

cinema / directed by: Reinhard Klooss | supporting actor

2010 Rosenrock

short / directed by: Simon Lahm  | supporting actor

2009 Darwin rocks

short / directed by: Juliane Ahrens | supporting actor

2009 Weg

short / directed by: Stefan Postl | leading actor

2008 The man who has nothing

short / directed by: Piran Zarifian | leading actor


2019 Der Bozen Krimi

tv series/ directed: Thorsten Näter I supporting

2019 Up, Up

web series / directed by: various | leading actor

2019 Über Land

tv series/ directed by : Franz Xaver Bogner | supporting actor

2016 Soko Stuttgart

tv series/ directed: Michael Wenning I leading actor

2015 Soko München

tv series/ directed by: Katharina Bischof | supporting actor

2015 Rosenheim Cops

tv series / directed by: Jörg Schneider I leading actor

2013 Die Familiendetektivin

tv series / directed by: Jorgo Papavassiliou | supporting actor

2012 Goldschmidt`s Kinder

tv documentation / directed by: Robert Krause | supporting actor

2012 Lena Fauch gefährliches Schweigen

tv movie / directed by: Johannes Fabrick | supporting actor

2011 Herzflimmern

tv series / directed by: Verena Freytag | leading actor

2011 Nigeria Parkhaus

tv series / directed by: Tom Zenker | supporting actor

2011 Fler Play

tv series / directed by: Tom Zenker I supporting actor

2011 Der Bergdoktor

tv series / directed by: Dirk Pientka I supporting actor

2010 Ein Drilling kommt selten alleine

tv movie / directed by: Dietmar Klein | supporting actor

2009 Für immer 30

tv movie / directed by: Andreas Niessner | supporting actor



2016 36 Stunden, Odön von Horvath

directed by: F. Johntz | Actors-Space Berlin

2008 Suburbia

directed by: Kennedy Brown | Stella Adler Academy L.A.

2008 Streetcar named desire

directed by: Susan Bonino | Stella Adler Academy L.A.





Mother tongue German; Fluent English, good French, good Italian

Bavarian dialect, German English dialect, Italian English, French English dialect


STELLA ADLER ACADEMY, LOA ANGELES – Scholarship - graduated in 2009




(selection): Ice hockey professional; Soccer professional; Tennis professional; Salsa; Scene fight; gun shooting; Yoga; Fencing, Volleyball, Rock climbing


2019 Up, Up

web series | The Worldrooms | filmuniversity Babelsberg | RBB | production | showrunner | written by | directed by: various

2018 Up Up Series Concept

web series | The Worldrooms | directed by: Carlos Vin Lopes

2017 Lissy

short | producer| directed by: Waldemar Oldenburger

2017 Kai

short I production | directed by  Waldemar Oldenburger

Co - Owner “The Worldrooms UG” Berlin since 2015  (producer, writer and showrunner)


KLASSENTREFFEN nominated First Steps Award 2014  

ROADS AHEAD nominated San Jose International Film Festival 2016

IM NESSELTAL Accolade Global Film Competition / Award of Merit 2016

SWEET WATER OF MEMORY nominated Yellowknife International Film Festival 2016

IM NESSELTAL nominated Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2016 Neues Deutsches Kino

LEN Accolade Global Film Competition / Award of Merit Special Mention 2016

LISSY Top 99 Fire Films Award 2017

IM NESSELTAL official selection Bolzano Film Festival 2017

IM NESSELTAL Bronze Palm Award Mexico International Film Festival 2017

LEN Outstanding Achievement Award Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2017

KAI nominiert Short to the point International Short Film Festival 2017

KAI nominiert bester Internationaler Film Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2017

KAI official selection Roma Cinema Doc Film Festival 2018

KAI official selection Mediterranean Film Festival 2018

KAI semi finalist Los Angeles Cinefest 2018

KAI official selection Creation International Film Festival 2018

Best Actor Creation International Film Festival 2018 for KAI

Up Up Jury special mention Award Die Seriale 2018

Up Up nominiert Berlin Webfest 2018

Up Up nominiert Wendie Webfest Hamburg 2018

KAI nominiert Bloodstained Indie Film Festival Tokio 2018

MIND PALACE nominiert Biennale (Venice International Film Festival) 2018

FAME nominiert Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2018

UP UP nominiert Sicily Webfest 2019

MIND PALACE nominiert best Virtual Reality Production Annie Awards 2019

KAI nominiert Heart of England Film Festival 2019


T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM

Maximilian Allgeier

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