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Nationalities: German, American

Height:​ 163cm, 5’5 inches 

Playing Age:38-55

Appearance: curvy, slim

Eye Colour​ : green-brown

Hair Colour​: brunette

Hair Length​: Shoulder length

Voice​: Mezzo-Soprano

Voice​ Character: warm, kind 

Location: New York, London, Cologne, Berlin, Los Angeles



2020 Son of the South

directed by: Barry Alexander Brown | Professor Kleiner

2020 Last moment of Clarity

directed by: James and Colin Krisel | Gene

2020 Lawrence: After Arabia

directed by: Mark J.T. Griffin | Sarah Lawrence 

2020 Making the Day

directed by: Michael Canzoniero | Kaya

2019 Before it was true 

directed by: Dana Offenbach | Charlotte

2019 Remember me

directed by: Martin Rosete  | Alicia 

2018 Die Liebe Deines Lebens

directed by: Sebastian Goder  | Maria (lead)

2017 Maggie Black

directed by: Stanley Brode  | Skylar

2016 I was There

directed by: Jorge Valdes- Iga  | Michelle NY1

2013 Side Effects

directed by: Steven Soderbergh | Disturbed Patient on phone

2013 Blumenthal

directed by: Seth Fisher | Fiona

2010 Something fun

directed by: Manu Boyer | Daniela

2010 As Good as Dead

directed by: Jonathan Mossek | Kate Belfrage

2006 Oblivion, Nebraska

directed by: Charles Haine  | Katrina Fishl (lead)

2006 A Woman in Winter

directed by: Richard Jobson | The Oracle

2006 Paso de Oveja

directed by Amir Galvan | Nicole (lead)

2000 Jago

directed by: Stephanus Domanigg | Desdemona (lead)

2000 The Invention of Dr. Morel

directed by: David Lamelas | Faustine (lead)

1996 Kai Raabe Gegen die Vatikankiller

directed by: Thomas Jahn | Redakteurin

1993 Quand Fred rit

directed by: Corine Blue | Nicole

1991 Immer und Ewig 

directed by: Samir | Dodo Schneider (lead)


2021 FBI 

directed by BS/ d: Yangzom Brauen| Michelle Gerbier

2019 Hit and run ( Netflix)

directed by: Neasa Hardima| Johanna Lemieux

2019 Little voice (Apple TV)

directed by: Emma Westenberg | Tango Instructor

2017 Einstein (SAT 1)

directed by: Thomas Jahn (guest star)

2016 The Mysteries of Laura (NBC)

directed by: Michael Lange | Gabriella Luca (guest star)

2015 The BLacklist (NBC)

directed by: Andrew Mc Carthy  | Doctor

2011 Bar Karma (Current TV)

directed by: Jonathan Judge | Marisol/ Enrique (guest star)

2006 Deadwood (HBO)

directed by: Gregg Fienberg; Michael Engler; Adam Davidson  | Josiane (recurring)

2003 Polizeiruf 110 (SAT!)

directed by: several | Martina Engel (guest star)

2002 The Biographer (TV movie)

directed by:  Phillip Saville | TV Reporter 

2000-2002 SK Koelsch (WDR)

directed by: multiple  | Anna (recurring)

2000 Kommissar Rex (ORF/ SAT1)

directed by:  Michael Riebl | Nina Martin (guest star)

2000 Zwei Frauen, ein Mann und ein Baby (TV movie)

directed by: Wolfgang Murnberger | Sandra Maria Westphal (lead) 

1999 Alma- A Show biz and Ende ( Arte, 3 part Mini-series)

directed by: Paulus Manker | Alma 2 (lead)

1998 Der Koenig (SAT1)

directed by: multiple (one episode) | Barbara Kuehn (guest star)

1994 Die Wache (WDR)

directed by: multiple | Andrea Diaz

1992 Euro cops (ORF/ SAT1)

directed by: Markus Imboden (one episode)| Birgit Vonaech (guest star)

1990 Kleiner Koenig Erich ( TV movie)

directed by: Thomas Bahmann | Baerbel (lead)

1989 Franta (TV movie)

directed by: Mathias Allary | Mascha (lead)

1986 Tatort- Der Tausch (WDR)

directed by: Ilse Hofmann | Sheila (guest star)



2021  She/ her  PS21, NY

directed by: Nicole Ansari

2018 Daybreak / Beckett Theater Row 

directed by: Lucie Tiberghien  | Lead

2017 I am Antigone / Theater for a New City

directed by: Myriam Cyr  | Lead

2017 Sinners / Mirror Theater / New Rep 

directed by: Brian Cox  | lead

20016 To Kill a Mockingbird / Mirror Theater

directed by: Sabra Jones  | supporting

2015 Hamlet / Mirror Theater

directed by: Sabra Jones  | lead

2015 / Rosenkranz and Guildenstern are dead / Mirror Theater

directed by: Myriam Cyr  | Supporting

2014 Shakespeare’s Sister / Alliance Francaise/ La Mama / French tour

directed by: irina Brook | lead

2008 Rock N’ Roll / Bernhard B. Jacobs Theater  Broadway

directed by: Trevor Nunn | supporting

2007 Island of Slaves / Shakespeare and Company

directed by: Irina Brook | lead

2006 Rock N’ Roll / Royal Court Theatre/ Duke of York

directed by: Trevor Nunn | supporting

2005 The Shelter / Odysee Theater

directed by: Valery Belyacovich (Moscow Arts) | supporting (Ovation Award nomination)

2003 Shakespeare Love Songs / Shakespeare Company Berlin

directed by: Tim Licata | lead

2001 Romy, ich / Volkstheater Wien

directed by: Yale Goenenc | lead

2000 Irma La Douce / Volkstheater Wien

directed by Michael J. Fields | lead

1999 Much ado about Nothing / Volkstheater Wien

directed by: Beverly Blankenship | supporting

1998 Cyrano de Bergerac / Volkstheater Wien

directed by: Michael Schottenberg | lead

1998 Berenice / Kuenstlerhaus Wien

directed by: Robert Quitta | lead

1995-1998 La Ville Parjure ou le reveill des Erinyes / Theatre du Soleil and on tour

directed by: Ariane Mnouchkine | company member

1990-1991 Theater am Neumarkt, Zuerich

multiple new plays in Repertory


Internationally certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist; Tango (good); Pole dancing (Intermediate)





HB Studios ( Scene study and Shakespeare Masterclass with Uta Hagen)

Actor’s Studio NYC (Working finalist)

Susan Batson Studios

Ariane Mnouckine (Theatre du Soleil)

Erhard Stiefel (Mask work at the Theatre du Soleil)

Stage School of Dance and Drama, Hamburg



German (mother tongue), English ( fluent, USA, Southern USA, UK), French (fluent)

German dialects: Koelsch, Bavarian


T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM

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