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Nationalities:  Swiss; German

Native Tongue:  English (US), French, German (trilingual upbringing)

Languages: Swiss German (native), Chinese (basic), Italian (beginner)

Accents: American-Standard, Canadian, British, Southern, New York, German, Italian, Russian

Age range: 20-35

Height: 170 cm

Eyes: Green-Brown

Hair: Blond

Voice: Bass

Voice Character: Smoky/ Natural / Boyish / Rugged

Appearance:​ Athletic

Location: Berlin/Zürich 

LANGUAGES Mother Tongues: English, French, German

Basic: Chinese | Beginner: Italian

Accents & Dialects

American-Standard, Canadian, British, Southern, New York, German, Italian, Russian.
For German: Hochdeutsch, Swiss German, Austrian.

License: yes

movie ||tv | theater  movie selection

2022  Inertia 

ZHDK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) - directed by Thomas Scholte | Jesse - Lead 

2022 Gömmer hei

Cinédokké Sagl - directed by Caterina Mona | Daniel -  Bit Part

2021 Lord of the rings - Battles of the Fords of Isen

Silma Production - directed by Sven Würgler | Dunhere - Lead 

2021 Nocturnal

Independent - directed by Cédric Spozio | Aaron - Lead

2021 Prinzessin

SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen / Spotlight Media AG - directed by Peter Luis | Enzo - Bit Part

2020 Vergäh

Malonic Studios - directed by Lukas Hauri | Stefan - Supporting

2017 Drone

Filmwerk St. Gallen - directed by Cédric Spozio | Steve - Lead


tv selection

2021 Fugazi

Vimeo on Demand TV Series, 1 episode - directed by Steve McLee |Jury - Supporting

2021 I Can See Your Voice

TV Show, RTL, Season 2 Episode 5 - directed by Trésor TV |Elijah - Lead

2021 Es geschah am ... Das Attentat von Zug 

SRF TV Film - directed by Daniel von Aarburg | Guido - Bit Part


theatre selection OFF-BROADWAY

2020 The Same

Die Glassspur - directed by Nathalie Sameli | Ensemble Member (Antonio Barone & Maxi Hell)

2019 Inko, Beijing, China
Ashes - directed by Inko | Harbard

2017 StuThe St. Gallen

Container Paris - directed by Tim Kramer | Ensemble Member (Hans Gröthe)

2017 StuThe St. Gallen

Caligula - directed by Alfonso Hophan | Ensemble Member (Cherea)

2016 StuThe St. Gallen

Der Gemeindepräsident - directed by Benjamin Gertsch | Ensemble Member (Muammar Gallaffi)

2016 StuThe St. Gallen

Onkel Wanja - directed by Benjamin Gertsch | Ensemble Member (Onkel Wanja - Lead)

2015 StuThe St. Gallen

Graf Öderland - directed by Benjamin Gertsch | Ensemble Member (Wolfgang)

2015 StuThe St. Gallen

MacBeth - directed by Benjamin Gertsch | Ensemble Member (MacDuff)

2014 StuThe St. Gallen

Herkules und der Stall des Augias - directed by Benjamin Gertsch |Ensemble Member (Kambyses)


Ex-Special Forces Soldier, Public speaking & hosting, Impersonations, Comedy, Stunts/Film-Fighting, Master Degree in Business Innovation HSG, Radio Hosting/Reporting



Stunts/Film-Fighting, Ice Hockey, Skating, Diving, Bouldering, Riding, Fitness, Taekwondo, Hiking, Yoga, Running, Dancing



2021 All about me(dia) Actor Online Presence Seminar with Delia Marti (Lucky Punch Agency); 2021 Audition Coaching Christof Oswald SFS Swiss Film School; 2020 Glaus Casting Seminar mit Corinna Glaus (Schweiz); 2019 Master classes TROY´s Stunt Team Film-Fighting & Stunts (Beijing, China); 2018 - 2019 RSS Medienschule Diplomierter Radioredaktor; 2015 - 2018 Acting Master Classes ZES (Centre for acting Zürich) & Private Acting Lessons with Marco Hausammann-Gilardi

Private Acting Lessons with Marco Hausammann-Gilardi


T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM

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