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Lauand Omar is a Syrian born Kurd, he grew up in Germany, studied Film and Television production Miami, FL and Toronto, Canada.


In 2005 he wrote/directed/produced his first feature film, the women's rights drama "Bekhal's Tears" shot in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The movie became the first Kurdish Film to be selected at an Arabic film festival, the 2006 Emirates Film Competition held in Abu Dhabi.

It was screened on Iraqi and Kurdish TV several times, causing a lot of controversy in the region due to it's sensitive subject.


In 2007/2008 he produced several high rated reality shows in the UAE, for clients such as Samsung and Clean & Clear and later joined MTV Arabia as a producer.

In 2010 he wrote and co-created the series Aassas, a supernatural comedy set in Morocco, which became the first TV series out of that region to sign a development deal with a renowned European production company, Gaumont France.

In 2014 "Aassas" was adapted to the Algerian market, named "Al Khamsa", financed by phone operator Ooredoo.


"Curse of Mesopotamia" became his second feature film, a indie horror creating international buzz and featured in Paris Match, Al Jazeera and BBC World amongst others.

Lauand speaks English, German, Spanish, Arabic and Kurdish and works as a writer, director and producer.


Miami International Fine Arts College  (Miami, USA)

TREBAS Film Institute (Toronto, Canada)



2017 La Sinclair “Won’t let go”

music video director, editor

2016 Terrell Carter “Curse me” 

music video | director, producer, editor

2015  Melissa Mars “I will rise”

music video | director, producer, editor

2015  Curse of Mesopotamia  

feature film | director, producer, editor

2014 Al Khamsa  

tv series | writer, co-creater

2012 Switchers France

web/tv series | writer, co-creator

2010 Ozzie Aziz - “C’mon/Haydi

music video | director

2009  Aassas - Jnoun Hunters  

pilot | writer, co-creator

2008  Erbil Laser Center  

commercial | director, producer

2007  Mtv Arabia  

TV shows | director, producer

2007 Clean & Clear’s Sa7bat-The Challenge

TV show | director, producer

2006  “Samsung’s VJ Hunt”

TV Reality Show| director, producer

2006  Bekhal’s Tears

feature film| writer, director, producer

2004  The World is Yours

TV show | director, producer

2003 Sex Overdose

short film| writer, co-director, co-producer

2001  Never Ever

short film| writer, director

2000  Her Biggest Fan

short film | writer, director


2011 Silver Prize winner - Horror at Hollywood Screenplay Contest

2006 Audience Award for “Belkhal’s Tears” at Emirates Film Competition


Cell + 49 172 30 88868 T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM

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