Nationality​: Croation

Height:​ 5'10'' (178 cm)

Playing Age:​ 18-28

Appearance:​ Slim

Eye Colour​ : Hazel brown

Hair Colour​: Dark brown

Hair Length​: Long

Voice​: Soprano

Voice​ Character: feminine

Location: London, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Moscow, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Berlin

Others​: Comedy, Presenting,  Host

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2018 Hartwig Seeler: Dangerous Memories

cinema feature- directed by Johannes Fabrick I nurse

2018  Woman in the mirror

cinema short- directed by Karoline Vielemeyer I Mata Hari

2017 The Burden

cinema short- directed by Zoran Pribičević I bank clerk

2017 Escape to the Sea

cinema feature  - directed by Veljko Bulajic I nurse

​2015 Arene

cinema short - directed by Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen | Arene

2015 Der Goldene Mantel

cinema short - directed by Karoline Vielemeyer | Valisia

2015 Breeze

cinema short - directed by Manpriya Makhni   | Katie

2015 Freak

cinema short-directed by Julian M. Grunthal I friend

2015 Notes on desire

cinema short- directed by Gianfranco Ricchiardi | Woman 1

2015 Wintergatan: Biking is better

music video - directed by: Mac Obregon Victorica | Lead woman

2015 Waldsterben

cinema film - directed by Lars Smekal | Marija

2014 The Return

cinema short - directed by: Filip Herakovic | Nataša

2013 Art exhibition Croatian New Realism

trailer - directed by: Luka Hrgović | Lead Woman



2018. Black and White World

tv series -12 episodes directed by Goran Kulenovic I secretary

2017 McMafia

tv series directed by James Watkins I girl in the bar

2017 Rest in Peace

tv series- 12 episodes- directed by Goran Rukavina I Novena

2017-2020  Who cuts your hair?

tv series - 100 episodes-  directed by: Aldo Tardozzi, Igor Šeregi | Sanja

2016 Winnetou Saga

TV film - director:  Phillip Stolzl | Ochina

​2016  Film writes stories

tv series - 10 episodes - directors: Silva Čapin | Lukša Benić | Tonka

2015-2017 Don’t tell anyone

tv  series - 24 episodes - directed by: Ivan Livaković | Adela

2015 Crossing Lines

tv series- 12 episodes  / directed by: Niall MacCormick | early riser

2014 Crime Scene

tv series-12 episodes - directed by: Tin Žanić | Helena

2013 In Treatment

tv series-12 episodes - directed by: Marko Škop | Sara


Princess and the Pea | Princess | Youth Theatre Dubrava​

Homemade | Lela | Boom Theatre

Ladies mother is dead | Yvonne | Theatre Vidra

Karlstadt Kunst Cabaret | One of the girls | City Theatre Zorin dom

Twelfth Night or As you Like it | Olivia | City Theatre Zorin dom

Stamp | Ivana Orlovski | Theatre Ulysses

Noises off | Poppy Norton | City Theatre Zorin dom

Importance of Being Earnest I Miss Prism I City Theatre Zorin Dom

Fantasy I many roles I City Theatre Zorin Dom

There is no life on Mars I Croatian National Theatre | Her 

Why are you quiet? I Lea I Theatre ITD

Homemade I Lela I Theatre Boom

Kata i Nino on their way to school I Kata I City Theatre Zorin Dom

How to make a theatre play I many roles I City Theatre Trešnja

Towards real equality between women and men I women I Theatre TheArto


Stage combat, juggling, dancing, horseback riding, driving car, 

Motor and boat, sports (skiing, snowboard, swimming, volleyball)



2016 -2014 Academy of Drama Art, Acting, BA degree, Zagreb

2014 -2016 Academy of Drama Art, Acting, MA degree, Zagreb

2015 Prague Film School, Acting


Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish / east-European, Spanish, Hindi accent



folk singing/ folk dancing, ballroom dancing, Latin American dance, polka, contemporary dancing





T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM