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Nationality: German 

Native Tongue: German 

Languages: English (fluent, US accent), Turkish (fluent), French (basics)

Accents: West European, German, Bavarian

Age range: 35-55

Height: 178 cm

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Voice: Baritone

Voice Character: Dark/Warm/Flexible

Appearance:​ Athletic / Handsome/ Smart / Aristocratic

Location: Munich (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Valencia (Spain)

License: Car, Seafarer’s identity card

skills -Voice actor -Speaker a.o. for: Bavarian Radio; Radio plays and humanities programmes

Voice-Over; Sience, culture, technology and medicine

Readings / Musical Christmas readings, Moderation of the BMW-OPEN MUNICH – ATP-Tennis Tournament, Leading role in the music video „Daedalus“


horseback riding, fencing, judo, stage combat a.o.

movie | tv | theater 


2023 Mute (acc to Stephen King)

Film (Short Film-Stephen King’s “Baby Dollar”-program) - directed  by Pablo Knappe-Rodriguez | Monette  (main role)

2022 Track in the shade

Film (Short Film) - directed by Bryan Lilya | John Carter (main role)

2022 Great Art

Film (Short Film) - directed by  Nicolas Cassardt| Salvador Dali/Frank (main role)

2022 Murder Mystery 

Film (Short Film) - directed by Viktoria Fendel | Prof. Janosch Kreider  (main role)

2022 Hotline to nothing

Film (Short Film) - directed by Richard Frass | The gray gentleman (main role)

2021 Prisoner

Film (Short Film) - directed by Matthias May | Lothar Brenner  (supporting)

2021 Afflatus

Film (Short Film) - directed by Moritz Mayer | Ian (main role)

2020 Shadow pandemic

Film (Short Film) -  directed by Marius Staubach | Michael (main role)

2003 Pumuckl and the Circus Adventure

Film - directed by Peter Weissflog | Craftsman (supporting) 

1995 Untouched

Film  - directed by Seyhan Derin | The Brother (supporting)

2023 The Count of Monte Cristo

TV series for Rai & France Télévision - directed by Bille August | The Dressmaker (supporting)

1997 Deadly Pranks

Tv series for ZDF - directed by Heidi Ramlow | Sebastian Wenck (main role)

1996 White-blue stories - The necklace 

TV series for ZDF - directed by Peter Weissflog | Hans Wiesner  (supporting)

1994 White-blue stories - The Himmelmann

TV series for ZDF - directed by Helmut Förnbacher I Kaiser (main role)

1993 We are the Brandls

TV series for ZDF - directed by Werner Asam I Berti Brandl  (main role)

1992 Years of travel

TV series for ProSiebenSat.1 - directed by Bernd Fischerauer | Porter (supporting)

1992 Dr. Schwarz and Dr. Martin

TV series for ARD - directed by Bernd Fischerauer | Didi (supporting)

1992 The Bull of Tölz

TV series for ProSiebenSat.1  - directed by Walter Bannert | Police Medical officer (supporting)

1991 Derrick - The festive menus of Mr. Borgelt

TV series for ZDF - directed by Alfred Weidenmann I Johannes (supporting)

1991 White-blue stories-The stars do not lie

TV series for ZDF - directed by Hans Jürgen Tögel I Erich (supporting)

1991 Monsieur X

TV series for ProSiebenSat.1 - directed by Michael Kehlmann I Police officer (supporting)

1991 The crosshead from Kirchbrunn 

TV series for ZDF - directed by Sigi Rothemund I Martin Rupprecht (supporting)

1991 Café Perjury

TV series for BR - directed by Franz-Xaver Bogner I Willi Kleinschmid (supporting)

1991 Lions Den

TV series for BR - directed by Rainer Wolffhardt I Richard Obermaier (supporting)

1991 Crossing the intersection on red

TV series for ZDF - directed by Bruno Jantoss I Patrick Vensky (main role)

1990 Temptations-Abysses

TV series for ZDF - directed by Dagmar Damek I Architect (supporting)



2022 Time Machine-Lost in Time (An adaptation from the film “Back To The Future”)

AIDAcosma-Cruise ship - directed by Christoph Drewitz | Captain Prof. Tempus 

2021 Petrol and neurons-The Lily pod (German p. by Vince Li Cata)

Theatre via Zoom-You Tube - directed by Andy Jordan I Danny Gauche

2020 The last days of mankind (by Karl Kraus)

Remise of the Badner Bahn / Vienna - directed by Paulus Manker I Emperor Wilhelm II

2019 Christmas Eve (by Daniel Kehlmann)

Theatre Forum-TfK / Berlin - directed by Dagmar Bedbur I Thomas

2018 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (by Robert Louis Stevenson)

Guest performances Schauer / Wiesbaden - directed by Stefanie Otten | Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde

2007 Mass Servants - “Pardon, here I sleep!“ (by Frank Pinkus)

Boulevard Munster / Munster - directed by Angelika Ober I Michael Simon

2006 Divertimento Mortale (World p. by Walter Rupp)

Academic Theatre / Munich - directed by Georg Büttel I Worldly man

2000 Death on the Nile (by Agatha Christie)

Blutenburg Theatre / Munich - directed by René Siegel-Sorell I Simon Doyle

1997 Rondo Mortale (World p. by Herbert Rosendorfer)

Torturm Theatre / Sommerhausen - directed by Veit Relin I Gustav Kupetz

1994  First youth, then pleasure (by Wolfgang Spier)

Comedy at the Max II / Munich - directed by Wolfgang Spier I Dickey Reynolds

1994 The glass of water (by Eugene Scribe)

Theatre Yard / Humbach - directed by Marc Angellini I Masham

1993 Mirandolina (by Carlo Goldoni)

Open-air Theatre at the Blutenburg Castle / Munich - directed by Thomas Blubacher I Fabrizio

1992 Off to Rio, the money is in the suitcase (by Jack Sharkey)

Tour Hermes / Essen - directed by Horst Jüssen I Carlos Ortega

1991 The respectful harlot (by Jean-Paul Sartre)

Theatre in the Westermühle / Munich - directed by Thomas Blubacher I Fred

1990 Joke, satire, irony and deeper meaning (by Hans-Dietrich Grabbe)

Theatre K / Munich - directed by Alexander Tanzcick I Devil

1990 When the puppets stepped out of line (World p. by Rafik Schami)

Theatre Kanjamakan / Munich - directed by Ghassan Naasan I Prince



2023 Arabella (by Richard Strauss)

German Opera House Berlin / Berlin – directed by Tobias Kratzer I Djuras“


commercials up on request


Performing Arts Center, Munich

Susan Batson, New York

Ursula von Kalben, Munich

Martin A. Obrecht, Zurich

Werner Schröter, Berlin

Lis Verhoeven, Munich


T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM

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