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Nationality​: Italian

Height:​ 6 (1,83)

Playing Age:​ 18-­30 years

Appearance:​ Caucasian/ Mediterranean

Eye Colour​:  Dark brown

Hair Colour​: Dark brown

Hair Length​: short

Voice​ Character: Engaging 

Location:​ Rome / Berlin

Others​: Experience in martial arts, football, basketball, tennis, swimming, rowing. Driver’s License (Car), very athletic and experienced in a lot of Sports


2020 The Angel of Hamburg

Tv series |  directed by Jayme Monjardim | Rudi Katz  ( 8 episode ensemble lead )

2015 Sangue Del Mio Sangue 

feature | Directed by Marco Bellocchio | Elena’s boyfriend
2017 Loser  

web series  Directed by Piergiorgio Seidita | Leo (lead)
2017 Nadir

Short |  Directed by Christos Doulgerakis| Nadir (lead)                                               

2017 My Blind Valentine  

Short |  Directed by Johanne Smith | John (lead)                                                 

2017 What do you see

 short/ Directed by Imogen Ogden| Sam                                                                    

2017 Rundfunk

short| Directed by Joao Lamiera| Frank(Lead)                                                                           

2018 Black Spot 

Short | Directed by Christo Doulgerakis| Private Reed (Lead)                                                         

2018 You Don’t Know Them   

Short | Directed by Leonardo Greco| Marco                                                     

2018 Through his eyes   

Short | Directed by Joy Cameron| Drug dealer                                                                

2018 Il Traditore 

Feature  | Directed by Marco Bellochio| Jacopo (agent)

2019 Omega

Short | directed by Dejana Poposka | Jacopo (ex-boyfriend)



2019 Circle

The play|  directed by Natasha Poplavska. Lead role | played at the Macedonian National Theater.

2016 Impossibile 

Music Video/ directed by Emanuele Pisano|Him

2008 Characters Driven by Unbearable Passion 

Play/ directed by Daniele Nuccetelli|Antonio                                         

2009 The Tempest

Drama / directed by Daniele Nuccetelli|Prospero (lead)                                                                                                                                      2010 Tonight We Improvise   

Play/ directed by Daniele Nuccetelli|Doc Hinkfuss

2011 The Seven Against Thebe

Drama/ directed by Daniele Nuccetelli|Polnice           

 2012 The Birds 

Comedy/ directed by Daniele Nuccetelli|Pistratos (lead)

2015 The Troian Saga 

Theater Dance/ directed by Fiammetta Bianconi|Narrator                                                  

2015 The furious Orlean

Drama/ directed by: Patrizia la Fonte|Medor

2015 I Desaparecidos

Theater Dance/ directed by Emmanuel Gallot Lavalle|General

2016 Midnight’ Summer dream

Play/ directed by Roberto Andolfi|Demetrio
2016 Clownstrofobia

Clown Show/ directed by Silvia Marcotullio|Pierrot
2017 Birthday Party

Play/ directed by Silvia Marcotullio|Goldberg
2017 Black Mirror

Open Theater/ directed by Marco Paciotti|Killer

2018 The Case of Crushed Petunias

Play/ directed by Adam Donald|Young man



Italian (mother tongue/ different accents), English (Fluent C2 different accents) German (fluent B2), French (very basic)



Accademia internazionale di teatro Rome | degree                                       

DBS Berlin|Diploma 

Two workshops with Filippo Timi on "Riccardo III"by William Shakespeare,Milano 

Worksession with  the casting director Stefania De Santis on " The coast of utopia" by Tom Stoppard, Rome 

Worksession with Rory Feeney on "Cymbeline" by William Shakespeare, London           

Worksession with Ketty Russo on an approach to diaphragm breathing and body expression, Rome 

Masterclass with  Nicola Guaglione e Roberto Menotti, screenwriters, and Gabriele Mainetti
Summer intensive stage with  Daniele Nuccetelli on the text “Pilade is dead” by Daniele Nuccetelli
Stage with  Doris Von Thury on the Chubbuck method, Rome
The intensive acting stage at “Ischia Global Fest” with Michael Margotta and Paul Haggis, Ischia
Intensive acting stage with Michael Margotta ( Lee Strasberg student and assistant) , Berlin
Acting stage wish Lisa Pescia, Berlin



 Kickboxing, boxing, Tai-box, rowing, football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, hockey,  horse riding


T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM