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Nationalities: Italy

Native Tongue: Italian

Languages: English (Fluent), French (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent)

Accents: American, British, French, Sicilian

Age range: 55-65

Height: 176 cm

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown (Greying + Sides)

Voice: Baritone

Voice Character: Warm/Approachable/Flexible,  Commercial VO / Film

Appearance:​ Smart / Handsome / Aristocratic

Location: London / Rome

SKILLS: Voice Over Artist, Commercial, Audio Books. 

SPORTS: Winter skiing, Swimming,, Equestrian, Cycling, Rollerblading, Skating, Snowboarding

EDUCATION: Fersen Academy (Rome) , Actors Centre ( London) 

License: Car (Manual/Stick), Motorcycle

movie | tv | theatre


2023 Il Giudice T

Film for Rai Cinema – directed by Pasquale Scimeca - Cianuzzo Raia 

2023 Finally dawn

Film for Wildside – directed by Saverio Costanzo| American director )

2019 The Traitor 

Film for Sony Picture Classic directed by Marco Bellocchio | Procuratore Generale Palermo

2019 A cup of coffee with Marylin 

Short Film directed by Alessandra Gonnella | Jean Negulescu 

2017 By the River 

Short Film – directed by Enrico Poli | Man (lead) 

2015 Clash of the dead 

Film – directed by Freddie Hutton - Mills | Strange Man 


Feature Film – directed by Reg Traviss| Matteo  (support)

2009 The International

Feature film - directed by Tom Tyckwer I Calvini Lawyer



2023 Those about to die 

TV series for Amazon Prime  – directed by Roland Emmerich | Supulciusl (episodic)

2022 Solo per passione 

TV miniseries  - directed by Roberto Andò | Renato Guttuso 

2022 Totò and Daiana

Mini serie - written , directed, produced by Marco Gambino , Anna Elena Pepe I Totò

2019 Sons of Drangheta 

TV movie for Rai Cinema - directed by Giacomo Campiotti| Avvocato

2018-19  Romolo + Giuly , the Italian world war

TV Series for Wildside - directed by Michele Bertini Malgarini| Don Calogero  (episodic)

2016 Emmerdale

TV series for Yorkshire Television – Restaurant manager(episodic)

2015 The young Montalbano

TV series - directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli | Beniamino Dimeli  (episodic)

2014 Non e’ mai troppo tardi

TV Series- directed by Giacomo Campiotti I Teacher 

2010 Squadra Antimafia 

TV miniseries  - directed by Pier Belloni | Salvatore Bonomo (episodic)

2009 Il capo dei capi 

TV miniserie - Directed by Alexis Sweet I John Gambino 

Theatre selection 

2024 Controvento -  Lead

2019 Ida Rubinstein-Gabriele D’Annunzio

2018 Maria Callas, the black pearl- Lead

2017 Pio La Torre-Lead.

2017  The Muse-Giovanni Costa

2016 Othello’s Guilt- Lead

2015 Pio La Torre- Pio

2015 The Muse-Giovanni Costa  

2015 I Persiani a Caporettoy- Dario/ Atossa 

2014 Paroles d’Honneur, Paris - Lead

2013 Paroles d’Honneur,Paris- Lead

2011  Intervista alla Marchesa  Casati,Venice-tv Interviewer

2009 Intervista alla Marchesa Casati, Capri -  Interviewer

2009 Parole d’onore,Rome - Lead.

2009 Words of Honour.  Edinburgh Fringe - Lead

2009 Words of Honour - Lead 

2008 Camurria-  The son 

2008 Macbeth- Duncan 

2007 Venire a Venezia- The librarian 



2019 Emirates 

Produced by Hogarth| HAVAS NEW YORK

2019 Kuk 



T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM

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