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Nationalities: French

Native Tongue: French 

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent),  Spanish (gut), Italian (beginner), Japanese (beginner).

Accents: French 

Age range: 32-40

Height: 173 cm

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

Voice: Mezzo-Soprano

Voice Character: Young / Natural / Confident / Sensual.

Appearance:​ Slim, Sporty. 

Location: Based in Berlin. 

Possible accomodation: Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Hamburg, New-York, London, Barcelona, Florence, Venice. 

License: yes

movie | tv | theater  


2022 Alle 7 Jahre

Cinema | directed by Jules Herrmann & Godehard Giese | Jeanne - Supporting Role

2021  Um die 50 

TV | If…Production & ZDF | directed by Ralf Huettner | Ellie - Suppporting Role

2018 Es gilt das gesprochene Wort (I was, I am, I will be)

Cinema | ZDF Production | directed by Ilker Çatak | Colette - Supporting Role | Film Fest München, Bayerischer Filmpreis, Deutscher Filmpreis

2017 The very near future

Short | directed by Sebastian Egert | Sex Shop Girl

2017 Sternfinder

Short | directed by Rafael Grigoletto | Mother Earth

2015 Let the wind take everthing away

Indie Feature Film | directed by Sandra Bourdonnec | Emma - Lead | Filmförderung Baden-Wüttenberg

2014 Crystiania 

Short | directed by Melodie Grumberg | Wild child

2012 The (almost) Stockholm Syndrome

Short | directed by Geoffrey Couët | Mum


2021-23 Still Life, a chorus for Animals, people and all other lives

Maxim Gorki Berlin - directed by Marta Górnicka 

2020 Community, an App for one person
Maxim Gorki Berlin - directed by Marta Górnicka 

2019-23 Political Voices Institut

Maxim Gorki Berlin - directed by Marta Górnicka 

2018-19 Italienische Nacht

Schaubühne Berlin - directed by Thomas Ostermeier | Suzanne

2014 The Sand Letter

National Oper Bordeaux - directed by Daniel Mesguich | Le Choeur

2013 Venus and Eros at the Purgatory

Chaillot National Theater Paris - directed by Philippe Ulysse | Rebelion Child

2012 Rent (Musical)

Independant Production - directed by Geoffrey Couët | Joanne - Lead


Voice Actress (pro.), Singer (pro.), Piano & Cajon (beginner), Film Combat (beginner), Dancer (semi-pro), writing, moderation.


Sports: Dancing (Ballet, Modern Jazz, Flamenco, Tango, Pole Dance, High heels), Skiing, Ice Skating, Diving, Horse Riding, Yoga, Kung-Fu, Kick-Boxing, Swimming, Tennis.

training ACTING 

2024: Lucid Body Technic with Kennedy Brown (in Berlin and Los Angeles)

2023: Chubbuck Acting Technique with Chubbuck Studio (Berlin)

2023: Chubbuck Acting Technique with Chubbuck Studio Berlin

2020: Camera Acting workshop The Naked Face with David Penn (Berlin)

2015: Cinema acting workshop Meisner method with André Balouri - Actor Space (Berlin) | Theater workshop with Thomas Ostermeier (Berlin)

2014: Theater workshop with Robin Renucci & ARIA (Corsica)

2012-13: Cinema acting workshop Actor Studio method with Jack Waltzer (Paris)

2007-10: Graduated of the school Le Cours Florent, acting & musical school (Paris) 

2006-07: Theater classes at the QG school (Paris)

Singing & speaking

2022: British accent coaching with Dewi Hugues (London)

2020-21: Pronunciation and accent coaching in German with Ursula Fischer (Berlin) | Individual singing courses with Nicholas Isherwood (Berlin)

2018: Training focused on Audio Book with Peter Eckhart Reichel (Berlin) | Training focused on Synchronisation with Fritzton Studio (Berlin) |Training for Speaker with Katharina Koschny ‘ariadne system®’ (Berlin) | Individual singing courses with Christian Schleicher (Berlin)

2010-12: Individual singing courses with Leonardo Valazza (Paris) | Interpretation work with Julie Autissier (Paris)

2007-10: Choir with Laurent Austry (Paris)

1998-2000: Lyrical choir at the conservatoire Maurice Ravel (Marmande)


Ballet with Béatrix Hibert (south France) | Conservatoire Maurice Ravel (south France) | with Agnès Faure - Paris | with Adrian Navarro Motion Studio Berlin

Modern-jazz Petit Pas school - Bordeaux | with Michel Durand - Cours Florent Paris

Pole Dance Soul Flight Studio |  Muse - Berlin

High heels with Carmel Köster and Sonia Bartuccelli - Motion Studio Berlin

Workshops: Flamenco with Albane Mathieu - Paris | Tango Argentin with Carolina Udoviko - Paris |  New Style with Nathalie Lucas - Paris | Commercial Dance at Motion Studio Berlin.

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T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM

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