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Nationality: Turkish

Languages: Turkish Native, English fluent,

French fluent, German  B1

Accents: US Standard

Age range: 39-53

Height: 167 cm

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Voice: Mezzo-Soprano

Voice Character: Soft 

Appearance:​ Feminine 

Location: Berlin


Sports: Qigong, Fitness, Running, Yoga, Swimming, Pilates

Singing, dancing (Standard dance, modern dance, belly dance), improvisation, voice-over

License: B (Car, both with shift gear and automatic)

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TV | Movie | theatre  


2023 Elaha-Berlinale Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Feature film directed by Milena Aboyan, The Mother-supporting lead

2021 Confined 

Short film directed by Derya Durmaz, The woman-leading part

2020 Bridgitte Bardot

Short film directed by Cagil Bocut | Nergiz-leading part

2020 Seduced

Short film directed by Keren Chernizon | Samantha-leading part

2015 Bir Varmis Bir Yokmus

Feature film directed by Ilksen Basarir | Ela-supporting part

2013 Junction (Hadi Baba Gene Yap / Yol Ayrimi) 

Feature film- directed by Emre Yalgin / Supporting lead

2013 The Blue Wave, Berlinale Generation 14plus  

Feature film - directed by Zeynpe Dadak & Merve Kayan | Nevin-Supporting lead 

2011 Do Not Forget Me Istanbul

Omnibus Feature film - directed by Stefan Arsenijevic |Nurse-Supporting actor

2011 - Love and Revolution (Ask ve Devrim)

Feature film - directed by Serkan Acar| Aysun-Supporting actor

2010 Tales From Kars

Omnibus Feature  film - directed by Ulku Oktay | Teacher-Co-lead

2010 Hair (Sac)

Feature film - directed by Tayfun Pirselimoglu | The woman-Supporting actor

2010 Seven Courtyards (7 Avlu)

Feature film - directed by Semir Aslanyurek |Arzu-Co-lead

2009 Not Worth a Fig (Incir Cekirdegi)

Feature film - directed by Selda Cicek | Cemile-leading part

2007 Refugee (Multeci)

Feature film - directed by Reyis Celik | Elif-Supporting lead

2006 Cinliler Geliyor

Feature film - directed by Zeki Okten | Neriman-Supporting actor


2013 - 20214 Bugunun Saraylisi- ATV 

TV series - directed by Bahadir Ince, Saliha- Supporting-leading

2011 Tovbeler Tovbesi- ATV

TV Series - directed by Aydin Bulut, Meliha Kama- Supporting-lead

2005-2007 Ihlamurlar Altinda- Channel D

TV series – directed by Aydin Bulut | Saliha - Supporting-lead

2007 The House of Nightmares-Sleepwalkers (Kabustlarevi-Uyurgezerler)

Tv Film-directed by Irmak Cig |Ebru - Supporting-lead


2022 The Fallen Gender by Derya Durmaz

Interdisciplinary Performance Project directed by Derya Durmaz | The Woman- Co-lead

2021 DDS! Discipline, Dominance, Submission by Derya Durmaz

Interdisciplinary Performance Project directed by Derya Durmaz | The Woman- Co-lead

2020 Ciegxs by Marcelo F. Lazcano & Edoardo Micheli

Interdisciplinary Performance Project directed by Marcelo F. Lazcano | The protester- Lead

2009 - 2010 And God Said by Avra Sidiropoulou

Drama- directed byAvra Sidiropoulou  | The Woman- Co-lead

2005 - 2006 Clytemnestra's Tears by Avra Sidiropoulou

Drama- directed by Avra Sidiropoulou  | Clytemnestra- Co-lead

2001- Becoming a Rhinoceros by Sahika Tekand

Absurd Theater- directed by Sahika Tekand | Woman on Hamster Wheel- Co-lead

2000 - Play(er) by Sahika Tekand

Cabaret/Experimental- directed by Sahika Tekand  | Member of ensemble


2013 Best Supporting Actress (Adana Golden Boll International Film Festival, Turkey) 

Nomination for Aynur / Junction (Hadi Baba Gene Yap / Yol Ayrimi)

2008 Best actress (Antalya Golden Orange International Film Festival, Turkey) 

Nomination for Elif / Refugee (Multeci)



T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM

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