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Nationality: British 

Height:​ 180 m – 6”

Playing Age: 19-30

Appearance:​ Caucasian/ Scandinavian 

Eye Color​: Blue 

Hair Color​: Blonde  

Hair Length​: Short

Voice​: Tenor 

Voice​ Character:  Trustworthy, Youthful, Sincere  

Location: Berlin/ London

License: Yes, Car.

Languages: English, German (B2)

Accents/ Dialects: English RP, Heightened RP, London, Liverpool, South-East England, Standard American, General American,


A-cappella, Basketball, Cycling, Choreography, Dance Theatre, Driving License, Football, Guitar, Improvisation, Keyboard, Piano, Percussion, Puppetry, Running, Singing, Songwriting, Stage Fighting, Swimming, Squash, Tennis, Ukulele, Voice Acting

movie | tv | theater 

TV selection

2023 Families Like Ours
StudioCanal, TV 2 Denmark series, directed and written  by Thomas Vinterberg l Co-Star 

2023 Constellation,
Apple TV+ series, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel l Featured 

2023 Nothingman  

Midnight Odyssey Productions, directed and written by Li Wallis | Co-Star


movie selection

2022 Mockingbird   

short, directed by Julia Jakolski | Finn - Supporting


short, directed by Mala Ghedia | Nick - Lead

2020 Free Therapy 

short, directed by Aaron Lucas | Tim - Co-Lead

2020 Daddy Rick’s Final Jam.

short, directed by Trevor Lischka | Flatmate - Supporting

2018 Days Without Incident 

short, directed by Sebastian Matthias Weissbach | Boyfriend - Co-Lead


2022 Icarus F**ked Up! 

directed by Rachel Pattinson, Berlin & German Tour | Nigel - Lead

2021 iTalk

directed by Rebecca Scott, Berlin & German Tour | Lanny - Lead

2020 Money Matters

directed by Anja Scollin, Berlin | Harry - Lead

2019  A Christmas Carol 

directed by Erman Jones, Berlin |  Young Scrooge - Supporting

2018 Teenagers in Trouble

directed by Peter Scollin,  Berlin Tour | Dave - Lead

2017 Fox

directed by Anja Scollin, Berlin & German Tour | Gerard Lavell - Lead

2015 A Midsummer Night's Dream 

directed by Ian Huges, Royal Shakespeare Company London | Mustardseed - Supporting

2015 Today is my 100th Birthday 

directed by Anka Makrzanowska, Edinburgh l Ensemble 

2014 From Me To You

directed by Scott Graham, Frantic Assembly London | Ensemble 

2014 Macbeth 

directed by David Parton, The Synergy Theatre l Tour UK & Norway l McDuff - Supporting

2013 Rome and Juliet

directed by David Parto, The Synergy Theatre l UK & Norway Tour l Tybalt - Supporting


2023 Renewables Grid Initiative

Allianz Foundation lEurope Social Media l Image Film

2022 Allianz

Allianz Foundation l Woldwide Social Media l Image Film

2022 TPORT 

Video Game l Worldwide PC

2019 - 2023 Zalando

Summer Style (EU TV), Black Friday, Spring Sale, Autumn Winter Sale (UK Radio) l Commercial

2021 Hamburg Kunsthalle 

De Chirico Exhibition l Audio Guide


UNESCO World Heritage of Anhalt Saxony l Online

2020- 2022 Ritter Sport

Don Schoco Sloth, Multiple Projects l Social Media

2020 Deutsche Telekom

Future Skilling l Image film

2018 Bacofoil 

Toppits Bacofoil l UK TV Commercial

2017 KIA

MAN Rio l Workdwide Social Media


A Capella, Basketball, Cycling, Choreography, Dance Theatre, Driving Licence, Football, Guitar, Improvisation, Keyboard, Piano, Percussion, Puppetry, Running, Singing, Songwriting, Stage Fighting, Swimming, Squash, Tennis, Ukulele 


Rose Bruford College, European Theatre Arts (BA Hons) 2012- 2015

NAIPA Dramaturgy of Physical Acting, 1 Week Intensive 2022

Miranda Harcourt, Screen Naturalism, Weekend Intensive, 2019

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Michael Chekhov Technique,

3 Months 2014 Baltic Film School, Screen Acting, 3 weeks 2014

BIMM, Songwriting Diploma, 2011- 2012


T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM

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