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Nationalities: Irish

Height:​ (175cm)

Playing Age:​ 40-50

Appearance: Medium Build

Eye Colour​ : Blue

Hair Colour​: Brown

Hair Length​: short

Voice​: baritone

Voice​ Character: Rich, engaging

Location: Dublin, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, London




2019 When Men were Men

directed by Aidan Dick and Izzi Rojas | Declan (supporting)

2017 Tired Of Dancing

directed by: Ian Campbell I Frances (supporting)

2017 Middle of Nowhere

directed by: Ian Campbell I Frances (supporting)

2017 Acting the Bollocks or Spa Weekend

directed by: Mo O’Connell | Jonathan (supporting)

2017 Just About Managing

directed by: John McGovern | Dr Robson (co-lead)

2017 Remains

directed by: Ian Campbell  | Damo (supporting)

2016 1916: Fingal’s Finest

directed by: Colin Farrell  | Eugene Bratton (supporting)

2016 Proclaim!

directed by: Mo O’Connell  | James Connolly (supporting)

2016 Forgive me, Father

directed by: Angel Croitor | Father Molloy (lead)

2016 Harry Stands Up

directed by: John McGovern | Harry (lead)

2015 Lemon Drops

directed by: Kevin Kelleher | Patrick/Patricia (leads)

2014 The Regular Tribesman

directed by: Ian Campbell | Niall (supporting)

2014 Barty Carty

directed by: John McGovern | Barty (lead)

2013 The Consultant

directed by: Andy Hynes | Tom (lead)

2013 Agatha’s Baby

directed by: Suri Grenell | Walter (supporting)

2013 The Perfect Match

directed by: Ed Griffin | Greg (co-lead)

2013 The Stray

directed by: Mike Gilbert | Father (supporting)

2012 North Circular Road

directed by: Donal Nugent | Head of HR (supporting)

2012 Snuff

directed by: Clara O’Keeffe | Ian Smith (lead)

2012 Security in Villainy

directed by: David McEvoy | Glenn (supporting)

2012 Tiger Tiger

directed by: Ian Campbell | Kinsella (supporting)

2011 Sperm Bank

directed by: Barry Flinn | Father (co-lead)

2011 The Interview

directed by: Cathal Feeney | Brian (co-lead)

2011 Nothing Nowhere

directed by: Ian Campbell | the Priest (supporting)

2011 The Legend of Jonny King

directed by: Jonathan Courtney | Detective Haimes (supporting)

2011 Ulterior

directed by: Jason Mehlhorn | Michael (supporting)

2009 Euthyphro

directed by: Terry Byrne | Euthyphro (co-lead)

2008 Married Life

directed by Jason Mehlhorn | Husband (co-lead)

2007 W.C.

directed by: Liam O’ Mochain | Husband (supporting)




directed by Dathai Keane  DESK SERGEANT CIARAN (SR)

2017 Nazi Megastructures (National Geographic - Season 4)

directed by: Sid Bennett  | Hermann Göring (supporting)

2005 Fair City (RTE)

directed by: Paul FitzGerald | Lotto Rep (supporting)

1998 The Ambassador (BBC)

directed by: Crispin Reece | Minister’s Aide (supporting)



2019 I Poured the Tea

directed by Kathleen Warner Yeates | FitzSimons (ensemble leading)

2019 The Tempest

directed by Paul Maher | Prospero (lead)

2018 Pilgrimville

directed by James O’Connor | Leahy (ensemble leading)

2017 Antony and Cleopatra

directed by James O’Connor | Soothsayer (supporting)

2015 Eight Women

directed by: Jan Schneider | Chanel (ensemble)

2015 Breaking Up (It’s Hard to Do)

directed by: Tom O’Brien | Gary (lead)

2015 The Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare in the Park)

directed by: Stephanie Courtney | Vincentio (support)

2014 Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare in the Park)

directed by: Stephanie Courtney | Dogberry (supporting)

2012 The Tempest (Shakespeare in the Park)

directed by: Stephanie Courtney | Prospero (lead)



Full driver’s license / full motorcycle license/translator (German into English - have translated several of Theresia Walser’s plays)



Amy Rowan Auditioning for screen workshop - Spotlight (2019) / Maureen Hughes auditioning for screen workshop - Spotlight (2019) / Esther Doorley Shakespeare and Voice workshop - Spotlight (2019)

Nancy Bishop Casting Workshop (2016) / Louise Kiely Casting Workshop (2014) / Spotlight Self-Taping workshop with Alison Crosbie (2015) / Georgia Simpson Casting Workshop (2014) / Maureen Hughes Casting Workshop (2013) / Cast In and Find Out at Cologne Film Festival (2013) / Selina Cadell Advanced Shakespeare (2003) / Royal National Theatre Studio (1997) / Gaiety School of Acting (1990)


Fluent German / Excellent Irish / Basic French

Have performed in a wide variety of accents - Welsh, Cockney, Scottish, Standard American, Mississipi, New York, and multiple Irish accents (eg Kerry, Dublin, Belfast, Galway)


Piano (Grade 5)


T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM

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