Nationality: Spanish

Height: 7'1”' (182cm)

Playing Age: 28-­39 years

Appearance: European

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Black

Hair Length: Medium

Voice: Mid Range

Voice Character:  Spanish, English | Italian I German   Russian (basic)

Location: Madrid  | Berlin 

Others : Screenwriter 

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2020 El Inconveniente

Cinema / directed by Bernabé Rico | supporting actor 

2020 Distancias 

Short Film / directed by Susan Béjar | leading actor

2020 Tolo Tolo 

Cinema / Checco Zalone | supporting actor 

2020 Intermedio

Short Film / directed by Bernabé Rico | supporting actor 

2019 Pastelitos

Short Film / directed by Miguel Ramiro | leading actor 

2017 Problemas de Pareja

Short Film / directed by Diego Roma | leading actor

2016 Morir

Cinema / directed by Fernando Franco | supporting actor

2015 Binamor

Short Film/ directed by Polo Menárguez| leading actor

2014 Vísteme despacio que tengo prisa

Short Film/ directed by Kike Arroyo | supporting actor

2014 Proceso de selección

Short Film/ directed by  Edu Rejón / leading actor



2020 Secreto de Puente Viejo

tv series / Boomerang TV production ep. 2996 to 3000, supporting actor

2018 “Allí Abajo”

tv series / Fifth Session,  supporting actor

2018 “Vota Juan”

tv series/ Globomedia production, supporting actor

2018 “Centro médico”

tv series/ supporting actor

2017 La que se avecina

tv series/ directed by  Miguel Albaladejo / supporting actor

2014 Con el culo al aire

tv series/ directed by Joaquín Manzónl | supporting actor



2020 “Dos Punkies y un vespino”

Theatre / directed by Paco Montes | leading actor

2019 “Sí es sí”

Theatre / directed by Marta Onzáin | leading actor

2019 “Como gustéis” (As you like it)

Theatre / directed by Lorena García | leading actor - Orlando

2019 “Fictionality Shows”

Theatre / directed by Inés Piñolés | leading actor

2018 “Kazajistan”

Theatre / directed by Chos | leading actor

2018 “La espera”

Theatre /directed by Chus Gutiérrez | leading actor

2018 “4º piso sin ascensor”

Theatre / directed by Edu Rejón | director and leading actor

2018-2020 “ “Fin de engaño”

Theatre / directed by Dario Frias | leading actor

2018 “Largo viaje hacia la noche”

“Long day’s journey into the night” / directed by Paco Manzanedo | leading actor (Jamie)  

2017 El Gran Mercado

Shakespeare and Calderón de la Barca / directed by JC Corazza | supporting actor

2017 El lenguaje del Amor

Shakespeare texts / directed by JC Corazza | Leading actor (Petrucchio)

2016 An Enemy of the People

Ibsen / directed by Paula Soldevilla | leading actor (Dr. Stockhmann)

2016 Inglés Nivel Medio

Theatre/ directed by Cayetana Cabezas| leading actor

2015 La fiesta

Theatre/ directed by Cristina Alcázar | leading actor

2015 Del día después

Theatre/ directed by  Daniel Sieteiglesias / leading actor




Mother tongue Spanish; Fluent English, Fluent Italian; Good German; Basic French; Basic Russian.

Spanish Accents.



Estudio Juan Carlos Corazza – Scholarship - graduated in 2017

Several Trainings with Fernando Piernas.



Soccer, swimming, running, ski



T. +49 30 346 58 918| INFO@CRAWFORDTALENTS.COM